Unioil has just launched the first Euro-IV compliant diesel fuel locally, aptly named EuroDieselIV.

"Euro Diesel IV is a diesel that meets Euro-IV standard levels and Unioil is the first company to introduce this in the Philippines through its retail stations. All Unioil diesel products sold through its retail outlets are already Euro-IV compliant," explains Chito Medina-Cue, Jr., Unioil General Manager. "What makes this better is that Unioil is not passing on the additional quality cost to the public."

The new fuel meets the exacting Euro-IV standards for better exhaust emissions, and maximizes the advantages of more advanced diesel engines utilizing common-rail direct injection systems. The new diesel fuel is touted as the cleanest and most advanced in the Philippines because of its significantly reduced maximum sulfur content of 50ppm compared to the law-mandated 500ppm.

Independent, third-party laboratory tests show that Unioil's EuroDieselIV has the lowest and is the only diesel product that has less than 50 ppm sulfur content when compared to the diesel products from all major oil companies in the country which conform to the Euro II standard as mandated by law.

Unioil's Euro Diesel IV uses a base fuel that is Euro IV compliant. This diesel fuel is more advanced compared to the usual Euro II and Euro III level diesels sold by other oil companies. In terms of performance, it has a cetane number of 55, which results in better acceleration and an engine that runs smoother. Euro Diesel IV is made available in all Unioil retail stations more than 3 years before the 2016 mandate of the DENR.

"By committing ourselves to launch EuroDiesel IV now, we are involving our consumers in taking steps towards a greener and healthier tomorrow. We believe that the introduction of this fuel will provide notable benefits to the environment and that the Go Green Future campaign will help raise awareness among our consumers," according to Kenneth Pundanera, Unioil President.

By 2016, Philippine government will mandate the use of Euro-IV compliant diesel fuels for automobiles.