In the digital age we are living in today, almost everything can be solved with an app. From finding the nearest restaurant to navigating your way through traffic, it seems nothing is out of reach for the smartphone and its plethora of apps.

But what if you wanted to have more power from your car by just pressing a button on your phone? You can now do that thanks to the smartphone-based app called the m225 Smartflash. Made by well-known tuning company Mountune for the Ford Fiesta ST, the software-based upgrade not only provides more horsepower and torque for the hot hatch, but also allows users to select from different calibrations with ease.

Unlock more power in the Ford Fiesta ST with this app image

“Smartflash makes it incredibly easy for our customers to switch between vehicle calibrations in as little as two minutes, just using their phone. It adds a new level of convenience and functionality to our packages and embodies our forward-thinking approach to vehicle performance upgrades. The new Fiesta ST is the perfect platform to launch this DIY-friendly, pioneering technology. No laptop, no wires, no handsets – no problem,” said David Moore, Director at Mountune Performance.

Already producing an impressive 199 PS and 285 Nm of torque from its 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine, the new upgrade unleashes 26 more horsepower as well as an additional 55 Nm of torque. The result is a Fiesta ST that produces 225 PS along with a meaty 340 Nm of torque. With it, the hot hatch can now sprint from 0 – 97 km/h in less than 6 seconds (6.5 seconds in stock form). Should the driver wish to revert back to the original factory settings, they can do so by setting the app to 'Stock Performance'. The systems works by way of an OBD connection via Bluetooth.

Unlock more power in the Ford Fiesta ST with this app image

The complete m225 Smartflash upgrade package is now available and comes with the following: Bluetooth OBD adapter, mTune Smartflash app available for both Android and Apple, high-flow induction kit, Mountune badging, and a zip-up shell case.