A month has passed since the Skyway Stage 3 team set up its 350 meter-work site along Osmena Highway between P. Ocampo St. and Arellano Avenue in Manila. With this, Citra Central Expressway Corp. said “vehicular traffic has been manageable, building up for a few hours only during peak hours in late afternoon to early evening.”

Last March 7, 2014, the drilling rig was mobilized on the work site and the construction team have already managed to install eight bored piles. The photo shown above shows the lowering of the rebar cage on one of the bored piles with a depth of  24 meters. The bored pilling will be the foundation for Skyway’s massive column and will support the road superstructure.

The Skyway Stage 3 project connects South Luzon Expressway with North Luzon Expressway from Buendia in Makati City to Balintawak in Quezon City. The said project aims to decongest Metro Manila’s major thoroughfares like EDSA,  C5, and Central Manila.

As the construction of the Skyway Stage 3 project continues, Citra Central Expressway Corp. appeals for public understanding as to any inconvenience the project may cause. After all, upon completion travel time to and from Makati and Balintawak will be a short 20 minutes or less.