Using keys and smart key fobs to access cars could soon be a thing of the past.

Hyundai recently announced that they will be introducing smart fingerprint technology into vehicles beginning this 2019, starting with the all-new Santa Fe.

The technology works by using two sensors fitted on the car: one on the door handle, one on the ignition. To unlock the car, the driver simply puts his finger on top of the sensor located on the door handle. The driver can then easily start the vehicle by simply touching the ignition button. Depending on the scanned data, the system can easily adjust a number of parameters such as seating, mirrors and other features depending on the fingerprint scanned.

Use your finger to unlock, start future Hyundai vehicles

While the tech already seems impressive as it is, Albert Biermann, Hyundai's chief of R&D, says that the Korean automaker is  planning to broaden the functions of the fingerprint technology soon.

“In the future, Hyundai Motor plans to further expand the application of the technology to allow the adjustment of temperature, steering wheel position, and many other features which will be tailored to driver’s preferences. This will ultimately offer quality driving experience to each and every Hyundai customer,” says Biermann.

With regard to safety, Hyundai says that their fingerprint technology can detect fakes and forgeries to thwart thieves. The automaker also says that the possiblity of the system misidentifying someone's fingerprint is also just 1 in 50,000, making it five times more effective than conventional keys and even smart key fobs.

For now, Hyundai will be offering the new fingerprint technology only in select markets, but will be expanded to other markets in the future.