It looks like commuters will be able to catch a ride on UV Express vehicles wherever they may be for the time being. This comes after the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) suspended Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 2019 – 025.

You read right, the gov't agency has decided to postpone the point-to-point policy for UV Express vehicles for two weeks. According to Department of Transportation (DOTr) Assistant Secretary Goddess Hope Librian, the decision was made following per the recommendation of the Congress.

“Per LTFRB, they will suspend it for two weeks to give way to more thorough stakeholders consultation. LTFRB will release an advisory on this asap,” said Librian.

Originally, the LTFRB was set to strictly enforce the P2P policy. However, it drew flak amongst commuters, as well as UV Express drivers / operators. Several commuters cited that with the P2P policy in play, they would have to take additional rides in order to get to their destination. Meanwhile, drivers and operaters complained that they will have less income since they will not be able to pick-up or drop-off passengers aside from the terminals. In addition, they said that there weren't any consultations prior to the implementation of the new P2P policy.

In review, MC No. 2019 – 025 abolishes MC No. 2009 – 019 which allowed UV Express vehicles to pick-up and drop-off commuters within a two-kilometer radius in between designated terminals. However, the LTFRB claimed that due to the old two-kilometer policy, some UV Express vans were not using the terminals at all.

Instead they were constantly loading / unloading passengers while on the move which resulted in more traffic on the road. The LTFRB even went on to say that some drivers / commuters do not even follow the two-kilometer radius rule, further delaying the arrival and departure of some UV Express vans from terminals.