It seems other government agencies are adopting the same no contact apprehension implemented by the Metropolitan Manila Development Agency (MMDA). The Valenzuela City government has also begun implementing a no contact apprehension program throughout the city starting September 16, 2019.

The system in place in Valenzuela works similar to the MMDA's program wherein high-definition traffic cameras are used to monitor the roads for erring drivers. Motorists who do not comply with road rules and regulation as caught by the no contact apprehension will incur a violation. Vehicle owners will then receive a notice of said violation.

Drivers who receive a notice of violation may then contest it or pay the associated fine. Those who disregard the violation will have their vehicles alerted to the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Vehicles alerted to the LTO will not be allowed to have their registrations renewed unless the fines are paid.

Valenzuela City now has 24/7 no contact apprehension program image

A list of traffic violations and fines are currently posted onto the Valenzuela City Government Facebook page. Most of these violations also carry stiff penalties. Disregarding traffic signs, beating the red light, obstruction of the pedestrian lane, stopping at the yellow box, over speeding, and anti-distracted driving to name a few will result in a Php 2,000 to Php 3,000 fine.

The no contact apprehension in Valenzuela City will not just apply to private vehicle users. Public utility vehicles such as jeepneys, tricycles and will also be fined for similar violations.

The Valenzuela City government noted that those who plan to contest their violations should fall under certain circumstances. These include: the vehicle in the violation was carnapped; the vehicle was not used by the owner at the time of violation; the vehicle was already sold; or during an emergency. Those who don't plan on protesting may pay the corresponding fine at any United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) or at the Redemption Office of the Valenzuela City Traffic Management Office.

You may check out the full list of violations here