For 2020, one of the most hotly anticipated vehicles is the new Toyota Fortuner. On that, there is no question.

Toyota's 7-seat SUV (specifically pick-up passenger vehicle or PPV) has undergone a major refresh for the incoming model year and will have a new look, new features, and a lot of enhancements, including uprated performance figures.

The Fortuner, based on info from our contacts, will be launched next month. And now, we've got all the specifications and new features of the refreshed second-generation Fortuner.

Want to know just how much Toyota has changed for what was once the best selling model in the Philippines?

2021 Toyota Fortuner PH Spec image

6 Variants

The first thing Toyota changed is the variant range. The current line up of the Fortuner has 5 variants namely:

Fortuner 2.8L V Diesel 4x4 6AT

Fortuner 2.4L V Diesel 4x2 6AT

Fortuner 2.4L G Diesel 4x2 6AT

Fortuner 2.4L G Diesel 4x2 6MT

Fortuner 2.7L G Gas 4x2 6AT

2021 Toyota Fortuner PH Spec image

The incoming 2021 (Late 2020) Toyota Fortuner will instead have 6 variants total:

Fortuner 2.8L LTD Diesel 4x4 6AT (NEW)

Fortuner 2.8L LTD Diesel 4x2 6AT (NEW)

Fortuner 2.8L Q Diesel 4x2 6AT (NEW)

Fortuner 2.4L V Diesel 4x2 6AT

Fortuner 2.4L G Diesel 4x2 6AT

Fortuner 2.4L G Diesel 4x2 6MT

Here's where it gets interesting: there are actually two distinct styles: the LTD versus the Q/V/G. The Q, V and G grades are of the standard 2021 Fortuner look; if you look at the main image up top, it's the one on the right. The one on the left will be the look of the LTD version; letters that we presume to mean “Limited”.

And yes, that means the more aggressively styled Fortuner Legender in Thailand will be coming here as the Fortuner LTD. The renaming follows the same trend wherein Toyota renamed the Hilux Revo Rocco as the Hilux Conquest here.

Variants, features of PH-spec 2021 Toyota Fortuner plus Legender image

All Diesel Line Up

The other important thing from the new model range is the absence of a petrol/gasoline-powered VVT-i version. All Toyota Fortuner variants moving forward will be purely diesel-powered, and both the 2.4-liter and 2.8-liter turbo diesel engines have been upgraded

The 2.4L 2GD-FTV used in the 4x2 V and G versions of the Fortuner now makes 150 PS (+3 PS over previous) and 400 Nm of torque (no change over previous). The 2.8L 1GD-FTV which will be exclusive to the 4x4 LTD, 4x2 LTD, and 4x2 Q, now makes 204 PS (+27 PS over previous) and 500 Nm of torque (+50 Nm over previous).

Transmission options will still be primarily the 6-speed automatic for all variants except for the base model 4x2 G which will have a 6-speed manual. The 4x4 will only be available in the top-spec Legender/LTD model. Unfortunately, there won't be a base 4x4 version for off-roaders to modify.

2021 Toyota Fortuner PH Spec image

Changes for 2.4 V and G

The G model (both manual and automatic) will be the base of the new Fortuner range, per the usual. It will have the new look but will have the same taillights as before, LED DRLs, and the same 17-inch wheels as the outgoing model.

The G grade will have a urethane steering wheel, a 6-way manual adjust driver's seat, fabric upholstery, a 7-inch touchscreen unit, 6-speakers, keyless entry, rear sensors, a reverse camera, and 3 airbags (driver, passenger, driver's knee). According to our source, the new Fortuner G's airconditioning system will be downgraded to a rotary dial type system as opposed to the previous climate control system. Apple Carplay and Android Auto will be standard on all Fortuner models, including the base models.

The V grade model will largely be the same as the G, but will instead get a different fascia with black and chrome, an LED line guide for the headlights, automatic climate control, an auto easy closer system for the tailgate, a keyless fob/smart entry system, push-button ignition, as well as a newer and larger 8-inch touchscreen audio system as well as a wireless charger. The V will also have a leather steering wheel with wood accents.

2021 Toyota Fortuner PH Spec image

Features of the 2.8 Q

The Q grade will make its first appearance in the Fortuner range; previously, Toyota used the Q designation as the top-spec variant in the Camry series.

In the Fortuner range, the Q is the third-highest model. The Q will have the features of the V grade but will get the more powerful 2.8L engine, the new LED taillights, new 18-inch wheels, an 8-way power-adjustable driver's seat, leather seats, a power tailgate, and a new panoramic view monitor. The last one we presume to be the 360-degree camera system.

2021 Toyota Fortuner PH Spec image

It will also have ABS (which is standard across the range), Vehicle Stability Control and the other advanced driver assist systems.

Here's the striking bit about the 2.8 Q: it will have Toyota Safety Sense, marking the first time that TSS will be available in this range. The Q will get Adaptive Cruise Control (maintains a safe distance to the vehicle ahead on the highway), Lane Departure Alert (warns the driver if the Fortuner is crossing the lane markings), and the Pre-Collision System (prepares all the safety systems in anticipation of an accident).

2021 Toyota Fortuner PH Spec image

The 2.8 LTD... AKA: Fortuner Legender

So now we arrive at the Fortuner LTD, which we know as the Legender. We weren't quite sure if Toyota would have brought the Legender, but they did, and it will be the top model of the Fortuner range both in 4x2 and 4x4.

The most unique thing about the Fortuner LTD is the fact that it will look different from the “regular” Fortuner models. It will have a different front aero bumper with larger openings, 3-tier LED headlamps and DRLs, LED taillights with sequential lights (for indicators, we presume), and LTD exclusive 18-inch wheels. Perhaps the most unique thing about the LTD is that it will have a blacked-out roof; all other Fortuner variants will have a standard body-color/color-keyed roof.

2021 Toyota Fortuner PH Spec image

The LTD has many of the same features as the Q like the wireless charging, push start, among others, but there will be some notable upgrades. The audio system will be the same 8-inch touchscreen unit but will be driving an 11-speaker JBL system. The seats will be black leather with maroon accents, and it will have seat ventilation so you can cool down the front seats if you parked in the sun all day.

The LTD will also have the panoramic view monitor and Toyota Safety Sense like the Q, but will also get an airbag upgrade to a total of 7: driver, passenger, driver knee, as well as 2x front side airbags and 2x curtain airbags.

Variants, features of PH-spec 2021 Toyota Fortuner plus

So there it is, all the specs of the yet-to-be-launched Toyota Fortuner. As for pricing, we'll have to wait until Toyota finalizes the range. The current model Fortuner range starts at PhP 1,633,000 all the way up to PhP 2,301,000, but we expect there to be some significant price increases for the incoming model, especially for the new LTD versions.

What do you think about the specs of the new Fortuner?