Vietnamese national, Nguyen Phuoc Huynh, emerged as the last man standing at the 2015 Subaru Palm Challenge, held at the Ngee Ann City Plaza in Singapore.

Nguyen posted a total time of 77 hours and 58 minutes, outlasting Tan Hong Sheng from Malaysia and Yip Yu Wai from Singapore.

The Vietnamese won a brand new Subaru XV 2.0i and becomes the first regional contestant to win the Subaru Palm Challenge.

Filipino Alex Neblasca finished seventh overall at the 2015 Subaru Palm Challenge in Singapore       

The last Filipino standing was 33-year-old Alex Neblasca who exited under 73 hours due to muscle pains. He finished seventh overall.

In its 14th year, the Subaru Palm Challenge had 320 participants from the host country (Singapore) and 80 regional participants from Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The Palm Challenge is an endurance competition where participants have to place their hands onto the specified palm decals on their assigned Subaru vehicle. The main objective is to keep their hands within the palm decal until one last participant remains.

The 2015 Subaru Palm Challenge kicked off last October 31 (Saturday).