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Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet debuts at Pebble Beach


Mercedes-Maybach paints a picture of a luxurious future with the Vision 6 concept

Alongside the finest and most coveted vehicles on display at Pebble Beach, Mercedes-Maybach stages the debut of their Vision 6 Cabriolet. Mixing the pinnacle of luxury together with an electric powertrain, the Vision 6 Cabriolet is a showcase of just how far luxury can go in the future.

Standing at almost 6 meters in length, the Vision 6 Cabrio gives off a classic vibe thanks to its long bonnet along with feature lines on each corner to further emphasize the vehicle’s length. A large grille inspired by a pinstripe suit also gives the Vision 6 a pronounced front end to match the long bonnet.


The rear section on the other hand is rounded out like a boat-tail, becoming somewhat reminiscent of luxury yachts. Mixing old cues with modern touches, the Vision 6’s basic shape is curved while lighting is kept very subtle with thin headlights and taillights. Painted in Nautical Blue Metallic, the shade allows the Vision 6 to showcase its organic wings and makes for great contrast with its chrome trim pieces. Finishing off its exterior is a set of 24 inch wheels painted in Rose Gold – as is signature with Mercedes’ Vision concepts.

With the Vision 6 being a cabriolet, huge emphasis has been given to its interior as well. The cabin is what Mercedes-Maybach calls a 360-degree lounge, and it appears the nautical inspiration continues inside as well. The open-wood flooring with inlaid aluminum hints at such, but it’s the Vision 6’s continous display strip that circles the dash, doors, and rear section that really define its interior’s origins. A transparent center tunnel also allows for the depiction of the car’s flow of electricity to each motor via blue fibre optics that match the display strip.

As the Vision 6 Cabriolet looks forward towards the future, there’s no surprise that this vehicle is electrically powered. One electric motor on each corner yields a total of 550kW to carry the luxurious cabrio. Matched with a flat battery evenly distributing weight underneath, the Vision 6 is measured to have a 500km range on full charge. New charging technology also allows the Vision 6 to have a charging capacity of around 350kW – meaning you can potentially get 100km of range in about 5 minutes worth of charge time.

So, do you think Mercedes-Maybach have painted a good picture of futuristic luxury?

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