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Volkswagen: 11M vehicles worldwide have rigged emission software


Volkswagen TDI emission scandal goes global

What was originally an isolated case in the US market has now gone global after Volkswagen AG recently admitted that an estimated 11 million vehicles worldwide are equipped with the rigged emission software.

In the released statement, the company conducted an internal investigation after the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accused the automaker of installing an illegal ‘defeat device’ that bypasses emission tests. After further inspection, the company found out that the illegal engine management system can also be found in other Volkswagen vehicles, including TDI models from subsidiary brands under the Group. Vehicles with Euro 6 engines in Europe do not have the illegal device installed.

With it, Volkswagen is now working hard into the matter through technical measures and they are now working alongside the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). In addition, the company also plans to put EUR 6.5B aside in the third quarter in order to cover the costs of the global issue and as a way to ‘win back the trust’ of the consumers.


But Volkswagen is also preparing for the worst and stated they are ready to reevaluate the offset of costs.

Volkswagen ended the statement by saying that the company does not tolerate any kind of violation of laws whatsoever.

“It is and remains the top priority of the Board of Management to win back lost trust and to avert damage to our customers. The Group will inform the public on the further progress of the investigations constantly and transparently,”

The TDI emission scandal was first discovered in May of last year when West Virginia University, along with the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), found out that the emission ratings of US models of the Passat and Jetta did not match with real-world and lab results. An overlook of Volkswagen’s TDI scandal can be read on our previous report and includes a deeper view on the matter.

There is no word yet if Volkswagen vehicles sold in the Philippines carry the illegal emission software device.

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