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Volkswagen bids farewell to the Scirocco


Volkswagen discontinues production of the Scirocco

After 43 years since its introduction, Volkswagen has annnouced that the Scirocco has officially been discontinued with no replacement seen anytime soon. The news was discovered by Car and Driver on Volkswagen's German website where it says that the automaker no longer accepts orders for the model with individual equipment, but can still purchase those vehicles already in stock.

The outgoing Scirocco has been in production for almost a decade, no doubt an already aging model. The third-generation model was introduced back in 2009 but originally previewed as the Iroc Concept introduced in 2006. It is also still based on the same PQ35 platform which underpins the fifth-generation Golf, further showing its gap with other Volkswagen models.

Originally revealed in 1974, the first generation Scirocco was penned by Italian designer Georgetto Giugiaro, and ran until 1981. As for the second generation, it was sold from 1981 until 1992, with the nameplate being discontinued in favor of the Corrado. The Scirocco name would lay dormant until it resurface in 2009 when the Iroc Concept would morph into the third-generation Scirocco. Prior to its recent discontinuation, the Volkswagen gave the Scirocco a final update in the form of the Scirocco R, which had a 280 PS 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine.


As regards to a direct succcessor, the chances are slim as Volkswagen is focusing on the launch of new electric models. Given how the nameplate has already been discontinued before, it would be no surpise if the Scirocco name re-appears once again somewhere down the line as a sporty two-door electric vehicle. For now can only hope that it does. 

Source: Volkswagen via Car and Driver

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