The diesel gate scandal continues to hurt the German automaker as Volkswagen of America CEO Michael Horn appeared in front of the House of Representatives' Energy and Commerce Committe in the U.S.

During the hearing, Horn admitted that Volkswagen's vehicle performance would drop once the “diesel fix” are applied on the EA189-powered cars.    

Horn said that “on top speed, one or two miles per hour (two to three km/h) might be missing” once the “diesel fix” is applied to the affected cars. The CEO goes on by saying that affected cars will have a “slight impact on the performance,” but Volkswagen of America is finding ways to compensate their customers.  

Horn adds that the move to install the illegal software was “not a corporate decision.” He claims that “a couple of software engineers” installed the defeat device on 11 million Volkswagen cars.  

“This was not a corporate decision, from my point of view, and to my best knowledge today. This was a couple of software engineers who put this in for whatever reasons,” Horn said.

As of this writing, Volkswagen has not yet identified the software engineers who were involved in the issue.

Horn emphasized that other Volkswagen executives had no knowledge that the company's vehicles were installed with a defeat device to bypass emissions tests.