Rumors about Volkswagen USA changing their names to “Voltswagen” spread like wildfire after numerous publications picked up the issue and spread across social media. Specifically, an official press release was supposedly made available on the website temporarily, announcing the name change. The document, dated March 29, 2021, has since been taken down. 

However, it seems the automaker has now officially stepped in to clear up the issue. No, Volkswagen won’t be changing its name to “Volstwagen”. According to the Wall Street Journal, a spokesperson for Volkswagen AG said that the move was a joke. In particular, the “Voltswagen” name was intended to be used for Volkswagen USA’s April Fool’s joke. Looks like that hasn’t gone well. 

The use of the “Volstwagen” name was supposedly an attempt to highlight the brand’s EV program, and raise awareness about the new ID.4 electric crossover. By changing the brand name on April Fool’s, the automaker hoped to get people talking about the EV crossover as it rolls out at dealerships. For reference, the German marque just recently launched the all-electric ID. 4 in the US market, and it will be the first of many more models from the ID. family to come.

So for fans of the Volkswagen brand, no need to worry about a name change happening. More importantly, the German marque won’t turn into an EV brand. Well, not yet at least. As previously announced by the company, Volkswagen still plans to sell vehicles with an internal combustion engine and even optimize its current engine lineup. However, by 2035 the brand expects to have most, if not all of the vehicles in its lineup electrified in one way or another. And when Volkswagen does start selling only EVs, maybe then can they actually change to “Volstwagen”.