After 5 years of being vilified for cheating on diesel emissions, Volkswagen wants to move on.

But instead of trying to dodge the issue (as they initially did) that damaged their reputation, Volkswagen wants to tackle it head on. They're doing it with this: a V8 turbodiesel in the new Touareg. And instead of flouting regulations, they're flaunting its outstanding emissions compliance.

Volkswagen has announced that they are launching their new line of TDI engines, and the Touareg will be one of the first in their new TDI era. The new Touareg V8 TDI features a 421 PS turbodiesel that is fitted with an exhaust purification system. The result is an engine that is exceeds their Euro6 emissions standards.

VW testing diesel again in Touareg image

Interestingly enough, Volkswagen was proud to announce that the emissions tests to verify the results weren't just done on a rolling road (AKA: dyno), but in real world conditions on public roads with actual traffic.

Those familiar with the Volkswagen dieselgate scandal would know that the company cheated emissions by fitting many TDI engines with a defeat device. It wasn't so much a device as it was software that allowed the vehicles to detect it was being tested for emissions and adjust the engine's parameters in order to temporarily meet the standards. In real world conditions (where the driver has to steer, for instance) the software wouldn't engage, thus emitting much more NOx than what was allowed.

Volkswagen's defeat device was discovered by independent parties that tested their vehicles, thus leading to dieselgate and resulting in the company buying back many of their non-compliant vehicles from customers, many lawsuits, and billions of dollars in fines to various governments.

The company says their new generation Touareg V8 TDI well under the Euro6 limit of 80 milligrams of NOx per kilometer traveled. In various tests around Germany, VW says the Touareg V8 TDI was able to average 14 mg/km thanks to a combination of a large NOx storage unit that can take up to 2.3 liters, an SCR catalytic converter that uses AdBlue, and a diesel particulate filter.

After dieselgate, it seems Volkswagen really has come out of the school of hard NOx much stronger. The all-new Touareg was launched in 2018 in Europe. Locally though, Volkswagen no longer sells the Touareg as the Philippine distributor has shifted their model range for units made by SAIC-Volkswagen in China.