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Volkswagen Golf GTE concept revealed with nearly 275 PS


Hybrid-powered Volkswagen Golf GTE concept debuts with more power, tech

Volkswagen is looking towards a hybrid future for their perennial hatchback, the Golf. Revealed at this year's Worthersee Volkswagen Festival is yet another souped-up Golf that benefits from hybrid tech. Called the Golf GTE Concept, it is basically a more powerful version of the regular Golf GTE currently on sale and features an updated exterior in line with the recently refreshed model.

Starting with the exterior, the hatchback concept gets a unique paint job called 'Electric White Mother of Pearl'. This is then accented by streaks of blue and black accents which gives the concept car the illusion of motion while standing still.


Also present are the two-tone 19-inch alloy wheels that come with the same blue and black theme borrowed from the body. Sitting behind the wheels are large 17-inch disc brakes with calipers painted in GTE blue. Giving it an air of hot hatch vibe are borrwed components from the production GTI and GTI Clubsport. This includes the rear diffuser, dual exhaust tips, and roof-mounted spoiler.

Images of the interior were not available but Volkswagen did say it comes with leather and Alcantara trimming. The steering wheel gets the former while portions of the interior get the latter.

Providing propulsion in the Golf GTE concept is a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine that is paired up with an electric motor. Compared to the current model which only puts out 204 PS with 350 Nm, this concept doles out an impressive 272 PS along with 450 Nm of torque. Exact details about the car's inner workings remain a mystery but it's highly likely Volkswagen played around with the electric motors to deliver more power.

This all-new concept could be the latest iteration of the company's Golf GTE Sport concept which was first revealed at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Side-by-side with the current concept, the previous example looked to be more of a design and powertrain study, rather than a possible precursor for a future production model. Powering the sleek-looking concept is a hybrid powertrain that generates 400 PS and 670 Nm of torque.

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