Production model ID. Life will cost under PHP 1.2 million in Europe

Volkswagen wants people to start shifting to electric vehicles. However, the price difference between a vehicle with an internal combustion engine and an EV is proving to be a barrier for some. To make EVs more accessible to everyone, the German marque will launch a budget-friendly model called the ID. Life.

At the moment, the ID. Life you see here is still a concept, but a production model will be introduced in 2025. It’s expected to slot below the ID.3 and serve as the brand’s entry model into Volkswagen’s all-electric ID family.

Volkswagen ID. Life is a cute and affordable EV image

Let’s start with the design. The ID. Life looks unlike the other ID models and is possibly the cutest looking EV Volkswagen has launched. While it may look like a hatchback, VW calls it a compact urban crossover. The front end adopts a minimalist design, with the round headlights being the main highlight. It’s the same for the rear with matching round taillights and a red illuminated VW logo.

While it looks like a cute city car, Volkswagen did give the ID. Life some oomph. Interestingly, this model is engineered to be front-wheel drive despite using the same MEB platform as its rear-wheel-drive siblings. The front motor packs a healthy 234 PS (172 kW) and 290 Nm torque, allowing the ID. Life to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds with a top speed of 180 km/h.

Volkswagen ID. Life is a cute and affordable EV image

By moving the motor to the front, there’s more space in the trunk for luggage or cargo. It might be a small city car, but Volkswagen claims it has excellent cargo capacity, with up to 1,285 liters available after folding the rear seats.

Like the exterior, the cabin also adopts a minimalist aesthetic. One of the highlights of the interior is the uniquely shaped steering wheel. More interestingly, the cabin is multipurpose. Volkswagen says it can be converted into a cinema or gaming lounge in no time since it comes with a projector. Meanwhile, the front bench seats can be folded flat together with the rear, effectively converting the floor space into a bed.

Volkswagen ID. Life is a cute and affordable EV image

By 2030, Volkswagen wants EVs to comprise 70% of total sales in Europe and North America. To do so, they need to offer affordable models like the ID. Life. Just how affordable is it? In Europe, it is expected to retail for around EUR 20,000 or roughly PHP 1,180,000 for the base model. Talk about cheap, right?