Headlights and taillights are used in cars to order to help illuminate the road in front of us and warn others if the vehicle is stopping or turning. Volkswagen however, believes that it could do more.

The German automaker is currently experimenting with interactive headlights and taillights which can show different messages and help improve safety on road. These new systems can also offer a host of personalization features on vehicles.

Volkswagen wants to use lights to communicate with other drivers

Volkswagen will be using new and advanced lighting systems in order for it to be able to project information directly on the road. The automaker's future lighting system will be using 'micro-pixel HD headlights with up to 30,000 light points' and LED headlights as a 'low-cost alernative' to the pricier laser lights. With this technology, Volkswagen hopes to add new assist features such as 'Optical Lane Assist'. The feature can project lanes in front of the driver, and give 'precise information' about the vehicle and its distance to road lane markers.

Volkswagen wants to use lights to communicate with other drivers

As for the taillights, it can also be used to project markings on the road. Matrix taillight clusters would allow warnings to be incorporated into the taillights; it could signal other drivers if the vehicle is having some kind of mechanical trouble, for starters. Other features could include an 'Optical Park Assist' which will improve safety while maneuvering and let people know whether the car is pulling in or out of a parking space.

For the time being, Volkswagen has not announced when they plan to release the updated lighting system. The automaker does have a facility focused on lighting innovation at their Wolfsburg Plant.