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Volkswagen: New EA288 TDI engines do not have defeat devices


Volkswagen AG confirms EA288 TDI engines have no 'cheat mode'

Not all of Volkswagen's turbocharged diesel engines will have to be recalled after the company announced that their line of EA288 inline-four engines do not have the dreaded 'defeat device'.

Contrary to earlier reports that the newer engine may also have the emission defeating device, the company revealed that both the Euro5 and Euro6 versions of the engine are trouble free. This means that the new motor follows the European Union's emission standards and regulations. This is somewhat beneficial to Volkswagen as all of their cars on sale today use the newer EA288 TDIs.

Not so lucky however is the EA189 family of TDIs which is the focus of the ongoing Dieselgate Scandal. The inline-four turbocharged diesel motor powers most of Volkswagen Group's cars from Audi, SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen itself.


The concern for the EA288 engine of having the defeat device may come from the fact that the newer motor is heavily based off the now infamous EA189 engine. They both share displacement, cylinder spacing and stroke/bore ratio.

Last month, the company released an action plan to refit the affected TDI vehicles as a way to make them comply with current regulations. The cars themselves are safe to drive and only have false emission ratings.

Currently, there are 11M vehicles worldwide under Volkswagen AG that have the emission defeating device and all of them will be scheduled to be mended by Volkswagen. The company has estimated that they will have to spend EUR 6.5B to modify both the software and hardware of the 1.2-, 1.6- and 2.0-liter TDI EA189 engines.

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