With its March 23rd reveal date drawing closer, Volkswagen is keen to tease the all-new Touareg by showing us its side profile – albeit draped in cloth sheet. The Touareg is set to be revealed later this week at an event in Beijing, notably the hub of the world’s largest car market and consequently where SUVs are very much in demand.

Judging from its silhouette, the 2019 Touareg does not deviate from the overall profile of the Touareg when it made its debut back in 2002. In true VW fashion, updates that have been made to the Touareg’s exterior have been very subtle and conservative.

However, Volkswagen did release several 'spy photos' of their own that show a general idea of how the next-gen SUV will look like. Underneath the skin though, the Touareg offers updated tech along with a lighter chassis thanks to VW’s new MLB Evo platform. The new platform yields a 10kg weight loss from the previous model despite all the added gizmos.

Volkswagen offers a glimpse of 2019 Touareg China debut

The interior, much like the Touareg’s exterior, is expected to be a very minimalistic affair. We can expect a digital gauge cluster as well as an infotainment system to take center stage on the dash much how most vehicles these days will have those items standard by now. Engine options have yet to be confirmed, but we can expect more power and torque out of the new model once it makes its debut.

Volkswagen offers a glimpse of 2019 Touareg China debut

With over a million VW Touaregs sold the world over, can we expect this new Touareg to sell once it hits our shores?