At the Volkswagen People's Car Celebration held just over a month ago in Greenbelt Park, the newly christened Volkswagen Philippines under the Ayala Group of Companies, drew the name ofthe winner of a brand new, 21st Century Beetle.

What Volkswagen Philippines executives didn't know right then and there was that the winner, Cherub Nikolai Bedano, was just a 7 year old boy.

There was a little technical issue regarding his age, but after careful consideration, Volkswagen Philippines will be awarding Mr. Bedano a brand new 21st Century Beetle in March of 2014 when the units arrive.

Volkswagen Philippines today held a simple ceremonial handover for Cherub Nikolai Bedano and his parents, with the 7-year old telling VW Executives about how he had dreamt he was driving a new car two weeks prior to the People's Car Celebration.

Volkswagen will launch the Beetle into the market next year.