Everyone has been eagerly anticipating the lifting of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. For all businesses, this will breathe life back into their industries, and Volkswagen (VW) PH is making sure that they are ready for re-opening.

In an effort to keep their doors open and to keep everyone healthy, a good number of measures will be implemented in all Volkswagen dealerships in the country.

“The current situation has transformed and altered the condition and behavior of the global population, businesses, the market, and the consumers in general. The sense and assurance of safety in gatherings, social contact, crowds, and visits to establishments may never be the same in the near future as a result of the pandemic. The same will apply to our businesses, including our most valued dealerships,” said Felipe Estrella, president of Volkswagen Philippines.

The wearing of face masks will now be a requirement for everyone who enters the dealerships; employees, and customers alike. Before being allowed entry, an individual must register a body temperature of no more than 37 degrees Celsius, lest they will not be allowed inside. Alcohol will also be sprayed on the hands of those who can go inside.

Social and physical distancing measures will also be enforced. Handshakes are strictly disallowed, and a minimum of one meter between individuals must be kept. Transaction tables can only be occupied by two individuals every time, and seating must be across each other. Every transaction table will also have alcohol or hand sanitizer at the ready. As such, hand-to-hand transactions are likewise advised to be kept to a minimum; payments made via credit card or online are now highly encouraged by VW PH.

The same is to be implemented in the service areas and showrooms. Test-driving vehicles will also be possible, and Volkswagen assures the public that their test units will be fully sanitized and guaranteed safe. It must be noted, though, that for all after-sales operations, appointments must be made beforehand.

“It will be very vital that we collectively create an environment wherein our customers’ safety, health, and well-being are our utmost priority by the time we are allowed to operate and our customers are allowed to visit our dealerships once again. With this, we recommend certain guidelines, procedures, and systems in order to ensure our readiness and guarantee the safety of everyone,” Estrella later stressed.

As of May 4, the Volkswagen dealership in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao has already opened for service and will continue operations from Monday – Saturday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. It won’t be far off that the rest of VW’s dealership network will follow the same schedules.

For as long as all the safety measures are strictly enforced and observed, VW should make it easy transitioning into the new normal countrywide.