Automobile Central Enterprise, Inc. (ACEI), the offcial importer and distributor of Volkswagen cars in the country, turned over the 21st Century Beetle to eight-year-old Cherub Nikolai Bedaño.

Bedaño was the lucky winner drawn out during Volkswagen's People’s Car Celebration in Greenbelt Park held last September 2013. He was one of the several thousands of participants who registered through

"We think that a young [eight-year-old] winning the 21st century Volkswagen Beetle is very symbolic. The boy certainly represents aspiration and optimism," said JP S. Orbeta, President of ACEI.

Bedaño was with his family when he toured through Volkwagen's two-day public display at Greenbelt Park in Makati. Moreover, the boy's mother expressed that they are fortunate to have won in the raffle.

“We feel very fortunate to have won in the raffle, and like all kids, Cherub is ecstatic about winning. I’m sure he will grow up with fond memories about this experience,” said Bella Bedaño.