Volkswagen Philippines has some ambitious plans for 2019. After selling the same number of cars as it did in 2017 (1,363 units sold), the automaker is looking to boost its sales 50%.

How does the company plan to do it? By launching two new crossovers, as well as open four more dealerships in the country. With it, Volkswagen is looking to expand its model lineup from 5 to 7, as well as widen its current dealership network of 8 to 12. Under the careful guidance of its new president, Felipe Estrella III, Volkswagen is keen on making those goals into reality.

Volkswagen Philippines has two surprises coming in 2019

" This 2019, I want more Filipinos to discover or create their own wonderful stories in their very own Volkswagens. We hope that our products, aftersales service, and new and existing dealerships will greatly add to the buying public's own affinity for our brand, and will attract even more segments of the market," said Estrella III.

The company has yet to state as to what exactly the new models will be. However, looking at Volkswagen China's current lineup, there are several candidates that could make the cut. One of the likeliest models that could arrive in the country is the T-Roc. First launched back in 2017, the new crossover is the perfect candidate to draw in more buyers that are looking at a small, high-riding family runabout.

Volkswagen Philippines has two surprises coming in 2019

The other model, on the other hand, could be a bigger SUV that will slot above the Tiguan LWB. Our best bet is that it will be Teramont, a big seven-seater that comes with plenty of features and amenities. Besides the Teramont, a seven-seater variant of the Tiguan (dubbed the Tiguan L or Allspace) could also be the likely option that will help Volkswagen generate more sales.

Volkswagen Philippines has two surprises coming in 2019

Klaus Schadewald, Chief Operating Adviser for Volkswagen Philippines, is confident that 2019 will be a good year for the company. Besides having a quality lineup of cars, Schadewald also added that Estrella has quite the leadership experience. Before being appointed as the president of Volkswagen Philippines, Estrella was the Head of the Corporate Finance and Asset Management in 2010 and became the Chief Finance Offier of AC Industrials in 2017.

With that type of leadership experience, Schadewald is confident that Estrella will be able to steer Volkswagen Philippines onto the right direction and will make this year's goals a reality.