The campaign introduces early childhood safety awareness to children as young as 4 to 8 years of age and imparts important road safety habits to their parents. The project also provides benefits during the rainy season as both motorists and pedestrians are exposed to increased risk of accidents caused by wet, slippery roads and poor visibility during inclement weather.

Volkswagen Philippines kicks off its CSI campaign on August 6 and 7 at Robinsons Magnolia in New Manila, Quezon City, August 20 and 21 at Robinsons Place Las Pinas, October 1 and 2 at Robinsons Place Lipa in Batangas, October 15 and 16 at Robinsons Galleria Cebu, and November 5 and 6 at Robinsons Place Manila.

For these upcoming CSI tours at Robinsons malls, new features and attractions have been added to the setup. Apart from the miniature simulated roadway within a community with complete with road signages, stoplights, and miniature vehicles for the kids use at the Junior Driving Course.

There will also be a Child Seat Corner as well as a “Pledge Wall,” where children and parents can sign their commitment to the slogan “Child road safety begins with me”. Using a 6x6-inch pledge sticker, they will sign and subsequently post at the Pledge Wall. Car stickers bearing a similar design as the pledge sticker will also be distributed as souvenirs to participants.

Wolfi with the learners in Volkswagen's CSI

The CSI campaign will also highlight the Petron Seatbelt Impact Simulator in selected malls. The simulator will demonstrate the crash impact of a vehicle running at 5 kph.

Wolfi, the Volkswagen mascot, will be present to attract more kids to participate. Wolfi will also serve to enhance the interaction between participants and the CSI campaign instructors and lecturers, as well as facilitate meet-and-greet moments.

Volkswagen PH’s CSI campaign is part of the global CSI strategy of the German automaker rolled out in various countries. According to Volkswagen, the CSI is based on two pillars. One is the prevention of accidents by teaching and educating parents and kids about possible dangers on the roads. The other is to emphasize the passive safety devices of modern day passenger vehicles, with special focus on the use of age-appropriate child safety seats.