The wake of Volkswagen’s (VW) dieselgate scandal has seen its former CEO, Dr. Martin Winterkorn tender his resignation. As new CEO Matthias Müller takes the helm, VW’s senior management sees its feathers ruffled even further with more company restructuring underway.

Following Dr. Winterkorn’s resignation, Volkswagen’s Quality Assurance chief Frank Tuch has filed his resignation as well amid the emissions scandal involving all the brands under the VW Group.

While VW officially states that Tuch will be "leaving at his own request," sources indicate that he was made to quit after having been suspended since Dieselgate emerged a few months back.

Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler

Effective Feb 15, the position of Tuch as Chief of Quality Assurance will be taken over by Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler, currently a board member for technical development at Volkswagen’s commercial vehicles brand. Rothenpieler should be no stranger to this role as he held the position from 2007 to 2010 when he was replaced by Tuch.

According to VW’s press release, Tuch will take “new responsibilities elsewhere and will continue to serve VW in an advisory capacity.”

Tuch held his position since 2010, when former CEO Dr. Winterkorn recruited him from his former position as head of Porsche’s Quality Control.