After debuting back in 2016, Volkswagen has released the first images of the production model ID EV … well it's new electric platform that is. The German automaker recently revealed the unique platform which is set to underpin the brand's upcoming electric vehicles. Called the Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB) it serves as the foundation for the upcoming ID and other models.

Volkswagen says the ID chassis is all new and was not modified from any previous platform. Instead, it was designed solely for the use of an electric powertrain. Furthermore, given that it is a modular platform as well, this allows it to be used by a whole range of electric vehicles – from compacts to SUVs and even vans. The brand doesn't intend to keep the new platform to itself though. The chassis will also serve as a 'technical matrix' for even the Volkwagen Group brands such as Audi, Seat, and Skoda.

Volkswagen shows off new electric platform for cars, SUVs, vans

“The modular electric drive matrix (MEB) is arguably the most important project in the history of Volkswagen, similar to the transition from the Beetle to the Golf. It will be the foundation for more than 10 million e-cars throughout the Group in the first wave and will blaze our trail to the age of electricity,” says Thomas Ulbrich, the Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Brand responsible for E-Mobility.

The upcoming ID will be the first of many EVs to come from Volkswagen. Production of the EV hatchback is set to begin in 2019 with the car officially going on sale in 2020. Pricing for the upcoming ID will be around the same as the Golf diesel. Thanks to the new platform, occupants of the ID will have more space and is comparable to a larger vehicle.