Convertible crossovers have not been a popular body style in the automotive market. In fact, only a handful of production models were ever built such as the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet and the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible. While open-top crossovers didn't exactly catch on, Volkswagen believes that there is such a market for these vehicles. This is probably why the German marque recently revealed the Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet.

From a glance, it may seem like Volkswagen has simply chopped off the roof of the standard T-Roc crossover and called it a day. However, the automaker says that the vehicle's structure and body were drastically altered. Specifically, the wheelbase is 37mm longer than the T-Roc and the overall length is up by 34 mm as well. The cabriolet also features more structural strengthening in the underbody, side panels, cross members and doors.

Volkswagen wants to make drop tops crossovers a thing image

Styling-wise, it looks nearly identical to that of a standard T-Roc crossover albeit with only two doors and the lack of a metal roof. In place of a fixed roof is a folding fabric roof which retracts in just 9 seconds at speeds of up to 30 km/h. Because of the soft top, trunk space has been reduced. Customers can also choose between two different design packages – Style or R-Line – which features minor aesthetic changes.

Powering the T-Roc Cabriolet is either a 1.0-liter three-cylinder mill which produces 115 PS or a more powerful 1.5-liter unit which outputs 150 PS. Both engine options come standard with a 6-speed manual transmission, but it is also available with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Don't bother taking the T-Roc Cabriolet off-road though as it is strictly a front-wheel drive model.

Volkswagen wants to make drop tops crossovers a thing image

The Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet will make its public debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motorshow this coming September. However, the model won't go on sale until 2020.

Considering how the Murano CrossCabriolet faired, hopefully, Volkswagen can capture the market better with their open-top crossover.