2020 will be a busy year for Volkswagen after the automaker announced that they will be launching 34 new models worldwide. As part of the company's model and electric offensive for next year, the all-new models Volkswagen will include 12 SUVs and 8 electric or hybrid vehicles.

This will be made possible as the brand will be investing EUR 19 billion in future technologies through 2024, with EUR 11 billion alone meant for further development of Volkswagen's e-mobility. There are no exact details as to what the models will be or for what specific markets they will be launched, but Volkswagen did mention that all will be part of their offensive to boost sales, while also reducing emissions.

Volkswagen to premiere 34 new models in 2020 image

Not only that, the company also plans to further lessen their carbon footprint by cutting CO2 emissions from production by half come 2025. Coupled with Volkswagen's commitment towards electrification, the automaker estimates that they will be carbon neutral balance(d) by 2050. The first wave of fully-electric Volkswagen EVs will come in the form of the ID.3 and the ID Next. The former will officially go on sale in summer in Europe. Meanwhile, the latter will follow suit although no exact time table was revealed.

Besides Volkswagen's plan on making more environmentally-friendly vehicles, they have also laid the groundwork for a digital transformation roadmap. Signed off in 2019, the said roadmap will focus on expanding the company's expertise in software. It will operate under the Car.Software organization which will begin operating as an independent business unit by January 2020.

Volkswagen to premiere 34 new models in 2020 image

Will any of the vehicles planned by Volkswagen make it here to the Philippines? Well, one of the newer cars that could arrive in the country soon is the Teramont. Should it arrive here, it will serve as the flagship model above the Tiguan. It's a seven-seater SUV that gets its power from a turbocharged gasoline engine. However, the five-seater Teramont X could also be made available for the PH market.

With a busy 2020 ahead of Volkswagen, the Wolfsburg-based automaker will have their work cut out for them in releasing all 34 new models for the world market.