Europe is one of the hardest-hit regions by the coronavirus pandemic. Last March, governments in Europe placed their counties under lockdown, forcing all non-essential businesses to close down. This also included the shutdown of numerous automobile factories continent.

The situation in the region is gradually getting better, and carmakers are initiating plans to for the resumption of vehicle production. One of them is Volkswagen.

The German marque has announced that the Volkswagen Passenger Car Plants will restart production this week. First up will be the Zwickau and Bratislava (Slovakia) plants, starting in the week of April 20. Other plants in Germany and in Portugal, Spain, Russia, and the USA are to restart production in the week from April 27. Starting May, production will be resumed in South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. 

Volkswagen will slowly restart vehicle production this week image

“With the decisions by the federal and state governments in Germany and the loosening of restrictions in other European states, conditions have been established for the gradual resumption of production. Volkswagen has prepared intensively for these steps over the past three weeks,” said Ralf Brandstätter, COO of Volkswagen.

Though production will resume soon, the threat of the coronavirus is still very real. As such, Volkswagen is taking extra steps in order to safeguard its workers from the disease. The automaker says nearly 100 new measures have been put in place in order to keep the risk of infection low.

Volkswagen will slowly restart vehicle production this week image

“We are resuming production and logistics with a staged approach in a well-organized way. The health of our employees has the highest priority. We are providing safe workplaces and the maximum possible level of health protection with a 100-point plan,” said Andreas Tostmann, Board Member of the Volkswagen brand responsible for Production and Logistics.

With Volkswagen already planning to restart production this week, expect to see other brands under the VW Group to do the same.