Volkswagen Accessories recently unveiled the LogBox and Race App, a system that works together in displaying vehicle data for clients that want to record and re-evaluate their performance figures on and off the track.

The system is comprised of four different menus, the first of which is the 'Driver Screen' that displays vital vehicle information like acceleration, boost pressure, G-Force and engine output. The second menu is 'Records' where the system record lap times and keep tabs on the best times. Other functions of the LogBox-Race App system is that it can video record via the smartphone's camera should the user enable it.

Its other menus include 'Acceleration' that can display the acceleration time done by the driver, and 'Evaluations' which can store routes, current best times and recorded video.

The Race App is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store for free while the LogBox is priced at EUR 299 (about PHP 16,440).