It has been 41 years after the debut of the first Golf GTI. Since then, the Golf GTI has become a lot larger and is no longer the small compact we all used to know. To pay tribute to the original Golf GTI, Volkswagen has unveiled the up! GTI concept. Volkswagen says that the up! GTI will embody the philosophy behind the original GTI 'with compact dimensions, a low weight, a powerful engine, and sports running gear.'

Volkswagen tributes the original GTI with this souped up! concept

With production beginning next year, Volkswagen has applied the Grand Turismo Injection treatment to the 1.0-liter TSI engine to produce 115 horsepower, 5 horsepower stronger than the original GTI. Meanwhile, torque is rated at 230 Newton-meters. Though it might not sound much, the up! GTI does only weigh 997 kg, giving it a 0-100km/h time of 8.8 seconds and enables it to reach a top speed of 197 km/h.


Volkswagen tributes the original GTI with this souped up! concept

To complete the GTI transformation and make it stand out from other up! models, Volkswagen has also treated it with a more aggressive body kit and 17-inch wheels. There are also the black side steps and the GTI red trim piece found on the grille and the trunk. Gloss black accents and a sport suspension setup which lowers the car by 15mm completes the exterior makeover. Inside, it gets a sports steering wheel with GTI lettering, and the 'clark' pattern seats.

In the meantime, the car seen above is still a pre-production unit. Expect the production car to look virtually identical to this one which will be launched at the beginning of 2018.