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Volkswagen Varok concept is a quirky shooting brake pickup


Varok concept presents unique combination of wagon and pickup

A pair of Volkswagen interns recently presented their new Varok concept, which is a combination of a wagon and pickup.

Copmany design interns, Valentin Fuchs and Pierre Joveneaux envisioned the Volkswagen concept they christened the 'Varok'. The former taking the role of an exterior designer and the latter as the 3D model designer.


The designers claim that the Varok concept is a vehicle that easily be transformed from a pickup to a shooting break and vice versa.

"The goal of this project was to imagine how Volkswagen could enter in the Australian market with a ute vehicle (low and powerful pickup)," said Fuchs.

Inspired by Vauxhall Maloo and Volvo V90, the designers used its trademark parts onto the Varok concept. With the Volvo V90's rear, the Varok has the capacity of carrying up to five passengers. It also gets a an expansive space.

The Varok concept can also be configured allowing a utilitarian truck bed. Apart from these, designers said that the cabin is small yet enough to carry of up to three passengers, a small dirt bike as well as one or two surboards.

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