We should all be very thankful of our front liners. Day in and day out, they put themselves at risk just to keep everything going as smoothly as possible. Policemen, bankers, delivery men, and many more have been hard at work while battling the pandemic are the medical practitioners.

Volkswagen recognizes the collective efforts of those fighting the disease and they are even calling on their own employees with medical backgrounds to help turn the tide. They are now encouraging medical practitioners and paramedics of various categories, as well as nursing and surgery personnel working at their German facilities to join the front liners. The automaker will even give them full pay for voluntary work in the public health service.

“Employees in hospitals, surgeries, and emergency services are performing an outstanding service to society as a whole in the fight against corona. They urgently need our full support and solidarity. This also includes personnel support. For this reason, the Board of Management has decided to release our employees with medical qualifications for supporting missions in the public health service in an unbureaucratic way without any loss of income for them,” said Volkswagen HR Board Member Gunnar Kilian.

The automaker says there has been a clamor among Volkswagen employees to help out during this time of need. Volkswagen has responded by launching this initiative. Volkswagen says employees with medical training could serve in a variety of functions in accident and emergency departments and the emergency services or provide support with hotlines or the taking of samples.

With that, Volkswagen is among the first (if not, the first) to come up with such arrangements to fight the coronavirus. Does this mean other car manufacturers will come up with their own plans to bring volunteers to the front line? If so, this will be another channel for automakers to join hands and fight the pandemic.