Call it China’s 'airpocalypse' or 'airmageddon', toxic PM 2.5 has gone 40 times over the safety level set by the World Health Organization.  The Philippines isn’t there yet but we’re close.

Based on, Manila’s current Pollution Index is at 89.11 while Beijing is 90.51.

Motorists in Manila already spend a considerable amount of time in their automobiles everyday and this number gets a lot worse during 'carmageddon'.

5,000 premature deaths in Manila were due to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases from exposure to poor air quality. That’s 12% of all deaths in Metro Manila, the highest by any city in the Philippines and ranks 3rd in the East Asian region after Beijing and Jakarta.

Li Shufu the Chairman Geely Automobile, Volvo’s parent company, made the push to highlight Volvo’s high-tech carbon filter systems, which cleans 95% of fine particles in the air before it circulates it inside the car.

Since 1990, Volvo has worked on car air quality and today with the Interior Air Quality System (IAQS) and the Electronic Climate Control System (ECC) hoping to improve quality of life by first cleaning the air we breathe inside the car.