Normally, it's our spies who get the scoop on what's coming soon in motoring. It's not often that the CEO of a car company who would drop info and a spy photo to the public. However, Volvo did just that with Hakan Samuelsson officially 'revealing' the car in his official Twitter account.

As we mentioned before, we were expecting the sedan version of the V60 to be spied or revealed sometime in the future. What we weren't expecting is for it to be (somewhat) officially previewed just days after the global debut of the wagon. Of course, Samuelsson isn't just about to show off the entire car just yet. It's still wearing camouflage and, perhaps conveniently, the rear section of the car is cropped out with vice president for large cars and autonomous drive development, Magnus Olsson standing by the door for good measure.

According to Samuelsson, the third-generation S60 is currently undergoing winter testing in Norway. Another vital piece of information the CEO shared is the fact that the D-segment sedan will be built in North America later this year. This narrows down the launch timeline of the S60 and it is possible we can expect it before the year ends.

For now however, one has to use the imagination as to what the all-new Volvo S60 will look like. There's a clear picture as to what the front will look like as it is based on the V60. Dominating the front fascia is the concaved, cascading grill. These are then complemented by rakish slim headlights with the brand's signature 'Thor's Hammer' LED daytime running lights.

The fenders and the front doors appear largely similar to the station wagon. As for the rear, we might just see elements of the S90 be applied to the smaller sedan. These include the C-shaped tail lights, a trunklid with deep creases and a bumper-mounted license plate holder. The engines on the other hand are likely to come straight out of the V60, meaning one turbocharged gas engine, two turbodiesels and two hybrids.