Volvo has just revealed details regarding their autonomous Drive Me project; a program which allow members of the public to test the company's self-driving cars on selected roads around Gothenburg, Sweden by 2017.

Volvo Senior Vice President for Research and Development Dr. Peter Mertens said that the company's Drive Me project is something that has never been done before.

“We are entering uncharted territory in the field of autonomous driving. Taking the exciting step to a public pilot, with the ambition to enable ordinary people to sit behind the wheel in normal traffic on public roads, has never been done before,” Mertens said.

Volvo's autonomous Drive Me project

According to Volvo, the Drive Me project will feature a complete “production-viable autonomous driving system” that is equipped with four surround radars, twelve ultrasonic sensors, a trifocal camera, multiple beam laser scanner and two long-range radars.

Volvo's autonomous Drive Me project

Moreover, Volvo's autonomous Drive Me cars have a high-definition 3D digital map, a GPS data and a windscreen mounted wave radar that reads traffic signs as well as detect the road's curvature.