The debate wages on for automakers whether or not to continue offering diesels in their passenger car ranges. While some brands still swear by it, others are slowly weaning off of diesel. With that, Volvo Cars made the announcement that they are ditching diesel power for good.

Volvo Cars CEO Hakan Samuelsson has indeed confirmed that the Swedish marque will no longer be developing a new range of diesel engines. In the past report, the CEO said that Volvo's future is electric and they are sticking to their guns with the official announcement. Instead of diesels, Volvo Cars will be offering hybrid cars instead as they transition to full battery power in the next couple of years.

“Our future is electric and we will no longer develop a new generation of diesel engines. We will phase out cars with only an internal combustion engine, with petrol hybrid versions as a transitional option as we move towards full electrification. The new S60 represents the next step in that commitment,” said Samuelsson.

Speaking of the S60, Volvo said that their D-segment sedan will be launched in a few months time. It is, in essence, the four-door version of the V60 wagon which premiered back in February. Like most Volvo models, it uses the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA), which also underpins the XC90, S90, V90 and, of course, the V60. The company adds that the third-generation S60 will initially be available with a range of four-cylinder Drive-E gas engines, accompanied by with two plug-in hybrid versions. Mild hybrid versions will follow in 2020.