You can choose a greener Volvo to drive around Manila

If you happen to be in the market for a plug-in hybrid vehicle, you might want to check out a certain Swedish automaker. Volvo Philippines has officially launched the brand’s first plug-in hybrids in the country, and they come in three different models – XC60, S90, and XC90

Volvo PH now sells plug-in hybrid models of XC60, S90, XC90 image

“Volvo has always been cognizant of our part in environmental issues. That is the reason why we have incorporated care for the environment as one of our core values. As early as the 1970s, Volvo had already made concrete steps in finding solutions to environmental challenges. Since then, Volvo has pushed the boundaries in addressing the environmental impact that our cars make,” said Alberto B. Arcilla, Chief Executive Officer and President of Volvo Philippines.

The trio of plug-in hybrid Volvos were launched during a forum discussing climate change and electric mobility. All three models are powered by the Swedish automaker’s T8 Twin Engine powerplant which uses a low-emissions gasoline engine assisted by electric motors.

Volvo PH now sells plug-in hybrid models of XC60, S90, XC90 image

Each plug-in hybrid model has a total output of over 400 horsepower. On top of the fuel-efficient engine, Volvo says the plug-in hybrids can do around 40-kilometers of pure electric driving. In order to adapt to various driving needs, the T8 variants also come with multiple driving modes -- full Power mode, Pure electric mode and the balanced Hybrid mode.

The plug-in hybrid XC60, S90, and XC90 are now available for order at Volvo dealerships nationwide.