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Volvo Philippines Technician wins in International Conference


Besting other contestants both in the national rounds and market finals, Eric Real, a service technician level 3 in Viking Cars, Inc. specializing in Air Conditioning and Electronics, showed outstanding skills in the field of automotive engineering. Winning in the market finals earned him a spot in the 2006 VISTA Winner's Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden.

During his 8-day visit in Sweden, Real, along with other winners, made study visits in the Volvo factories, exchanged know-how with about 200 other winners and experienced a slew of events celebrating the best of what Sweden has to offer.

Volvo Car Corporation organizes a worldwide Volvo International Service Training Award (VISTA) competition where the main objectives are to develop and maintain a high level of competence and proficiency among Volvo dealer aftersales personnel. This is also conducted to train the staff on the use of the new Volvo Cars information technology and methods.

With this program, Volvo ensures that the aftersales and customer service are committed to providing the best service. These training programs and incentives are provided to improve work processes; business development and customer care which in turn, benefits Volvo owners and gives them with the peace of mind that their Volvo is running at its ultimate best.
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