Volvo's performance arm Polestar, has now been confirmed to launch a wide range of electric high-performance vehicles in the coming years. In order to drive the development, Volvo Senior Vice President for Design Thomas Ingenlath has been tasked as Chief Executive Officer at Polestar. Joining Ingenlath at Polestar is Jonathan Goodman, who takes the role of Chief Operating Officer. Goodman moves from his position of Senior Vice President for Corporate Communication at Volvo Cars.

“I am really excited to take up the challenge of establishing this exciting brand, developing a fabulous portfolio of bespoke products and channelling the passion we have throughout the Polestar team. The next chapter in Polestar’s history is just beginning,” said Ingenlath.

Polestar Performance started as a motorsports company in 1996 working exclusively with Volvo Cars. The partnership has resulted in high performance packages of its vehicles under the Polestar name. In 2015, Volvo Cars fully acquired Polestar Performance. Furthermore, Volvo states that in the future, Polestar will carry its own logo, instead of a Volvo logo.

Volvo's Polestar to develop electric performance cars

Polestar has yet to release any details about what its first electric vehicle will be. They have however released a teaser of what the brand logo will be like. They are set to make further announcements about its products and plans in autumn.