The All-new Volvo S60 has been voted "Car of the Year 2011" by the "Car of the Year for Greece" jury. The S60 was chosen from a short list of 11 cars, out of the 27 new models that were launched in Greece in the last 12 months. The Volvo S60 achieved a new record for the competition, finishing first with 140 points, the maximum it could get was 184. Alfa Romeo Giulietta finished second with almost half the points, 72, with the Opel Meriva following with 69 points. It should be mentioned that the S60 was the only car which collected points from all participating journalists.

Other awards earned by the All-new S60 are Car of the year 2011 - Norway, Germany  Plus X Award for the all-new Volvo S60: "Bestes Produkt 2010", and the  FuturAuto Award for Pedestrian Safety in Belgium, among others.