Volvo is set to introduce its wearable cycling tech concept at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Designed to address the growing number of cyclist fatalities, Volvo collaborated with POC and Ericsson to develop a two-way communication system for drivers and cyclists. The system consists of a “helmet prototype” and a smartphone which sends out information regarding the cyclist's position to the driver.

The Swedish automaker explains that the cyclist's position can be shared through Volvo's cloud system and vice versa. If an immminent collision is detected, Volvo says both the driver and the cyclist will be warned. The automaker goes on by saying that the system can detect an imminent collision even if the cyclist is in a blind spot.

Volvo Vice President Klas Bendrik says their partnership with POC and Ericsson marks the company's vision of producing cars that will not crash.

“The partnership between Volvo Cars, POC and Ericsson is an important milestone in investigating the next steps towards Volvo Cars’ vision to build cars that will not crash. But now, by exploring cloud-based safety systems, we are getting ever closer to eliminating the remaining blind spots between cars and cyclists and by that avoid collisions,” Bendrik said.

As a review, POC is a manufacturer of protective gear for gravity sports athletes and cyclists while Ericsson is a company that specializes in communications technology.