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Volvo to sell more cars online, limit motor show participation


A new strategy to market and sell cars

Volvo Cars has announced its new global marketing strategy dubbed as the 'Volvo Way to Market' which focuses on four areas: marketing tools, digital leadership, dealerships and service.

The brand's Senior Vice President Alain Visser said that Volvo's new marketing strategy veers away from the usual pattern followed by the automotive industry. He added that the 'Volvo Way to Market' is a new strategy to market and sell cars.

"The car industry is one of the most conservative, least evolutionary marketing clusters in global business. For decades, car marketing has been following a certain pattern which is followed by the entire car industry. Now, Volvo Cars chooses to defy that logic and implement a strategy that is geared towards its own needs," Visser said.


Part of the new strategy is to limit the brand's participation in motor shows as Volvo will focus only on three events: Geneva in Europe, Shanghai/Beijing in China and Detroit in the United States. Likewise, the Swedish automaker will reduce its sponsoring activities with the exception of the Volvo Ocean Race.

Volvo has also announced that they will start selling their cars online gradually across the globe. The automaker has already successfully tested selling cars online with the 2015 XC90 as all 1,927 units were purchased in just 47 hours. However, this doesn't mean a replacement of Volvo's dealership netwok. Volvo still values the importance of the traditional buying, delivering and servicing of cars.

On that note, the 'Volvo Way to Market' marketing strategy requires all new dealerships to have a globally uniform design. Volvo goes on by saying that the exterior and interior of their dealerships will “look and feel Scandinavian and truly Volvo.” Subsequently, existing Volvo dealership will be upgraded following the brand's uniform design.

Lastly, the Swedish automaker will introduce the Volvo Personal Service where every customer has a corresponding personal service technician. Volvo says the customer will be introduced to the personal service technician who will take care of the car throughout the ownership.

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