Since being wholly owned as a subsidiary of Volvo, Polestar have fettled with the latest offerings from the Swedish manufacturer to give clients a high-performance option for their vehicles. With performance packages for the XC90, S90, and V90, Polestar now touches on the Cross Country version of the V90.

With three engines to choose from the V90’s trim list, namely the D4, D5, and T6, Polestar has a tune for each that gives a mild improvement in power while bolstering torque substantially. The weakest D4 diesel gets a power bump from 190PS to 200PS, while torque jumps from 295Nm to 325 Nm. The D5 only gains 5PS from 235PS to 240PS, but you’ll likely feel the gains in torque as it rises from 354Nm to 369Nm. Lastly, the T6 petrol motor jumps to 334PS from the stock 320PS and torque rises to 335Nm from 295Nm in factory trim.

Rear quarter of the Volvo V90 Cross Country Polestar

Despite having minor power gains, Polestar is quick to indicate that they will re-calibrate the gearbox to provide faster shifts to accentuate the tune even further. Volvo’s performance arm continues by saying that the focus of their improvements to the V90 Cross Country would be its mid-range useability – a key area for daily use. Aside from these changes, Polestar have also improved throttle response as well as other minor details to allow for “a more dynamic driving experience.”

Considering that Volvo may reduce engine sizing in the near future, Polestar may be keen to use electrification to improve power and driveability in future models. For now though, their offerings to Volvo clients come in the form of these mild improvements throughout their various platforms.