Meet the Voyah Dreamer electric luxury minivan and its huge front grille

Whenever we think of electric vehicles (EVs) we normally see sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, and crossovers. But over in China, electric luxury minivans are also a thing, and this one is perhaps one of the boldest-looking yet.

This is the 2022 Voyah Dreamer, and it's got quite the face. Revealed at the 2021 Auto Guangzhou, the Dreamer is a luxury minivan that combines stylish looks, a lounge-like interior, and a zero-emissions powertrain.

This electric minivan reminds us of BMW

Beginning with the exterior, we're immediately greeted by its massive grille. Despite not having an engine under the hood, it seems the automaker decided to make the grille its most imposing feature, appearing to almost cover the entire front end. It's then accompanied by large openings on the front bumper which further highlight the minivan's bold look.

Around the back, it gets eye-catching LED taillights that flank the corners of the vehicle, generous glass that provides more light into the cabin, large alloy wheels, and dual sliding doors that provide easier ingress and egress.

This electric minivan reminds us of BMW

Inside, the electric minivan comes with a two-tone white and blue interior that's complemented by gold-like finishes and accents. The dashboard, meanwhile, features multiple displays that include an instrument panel, touchscreen infotainment, and another display for the front passenger.

In true luxury minivan fashion, the Dreamer comes with captain seats at the back – making this particular EV strictly a 4-seater. To keep passengers relaxed and entertained, it comes with starlight-style LEDs, a large panoramic sunroof, and a central touchscreen that can manage the vehicle's onboard amenities.

This electric minivan reminds us of BMW

Exact details about its powertrain were not revealed, but they did say that it's capable of going from 0 – 100 km/h in just 5.9 seconds – which is pretty quick for a luxury people carrier.

What's your take on the Voyah Dreamer? Does the large grille suit the minivan's looks? And should automakers also make more luxury minivans as a way to attract buyers that want an eco-friendly alternative?

This electric minivan reminds us of BMW
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