When we think Italian supercar, we imagine a low-slung coupe with an exotic V12 engine or a bellowing V8 mill. It's almost unimaginable putting anything smaller than an eight-cylinder in one of those, but ATS Automobili has done just that.

It's called the RR Turbo, and it's not even packing a six-cylinder or a high-power electric motor. In fact, its engine may sound familiar. Powering the RR Turbo is a 2.0-liter turbo engine from Honda. Yes, this Italian supercar is powered by a Civic Type R engine. But don't let that put you down, because ATS Automobili tuned it to the max.

While the standard Civic Type R engine already puts out an impressive 310 PS and 400 Nm of torque, that's not enough for a supercar these days. ATS Automobili tuned and boosted the 2.0-liter mill to 600 PS and 530 Nm of torque. With the entire car weighing in at just 780 kilograms, we might expect 0 to 100 km/h times under 3.5 seconds, maybe even under 3.0 seconds. It then shifts via a six-speed sequential manual transmission while grip is further enhanced by a limited-slip differential.

This Italian supercar is powered by VTEC image

Described by ATS as a track-day special, the RR Turbo comes with carbon-ceramic discs with lightweight monoblock callipers, and double wishbone pushrod suspension with electronic Tractive shocks absorbers adjustable from inside the cockpit via a touchscreen display. It then rides on extra-grippy Michelin tires, with the AIM dash logger providing relevant information to the driver. You then shift the sequential manual transmission via paddle shifters, plus there's a tablet console linked to the in-car cameras able to record and live-stream your track sessions.

Want one? You can order it through ATS themselves and it starts € 110,000, which is about Php 6.3 million at current conversion rates. Of course, that doesn't include local taxes and duties.

So, a Honda-powered Italian supercar, anyone?