It's not out yet, but it looks like Volkswagen's upcoming electric vehicle (EV) will be a hit. With just a few days left before it makes its reveal at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, the automaker has announced that they have received over 30,000 reservations for the Volkswagen ID.3

According to Volkswagen, this puts them at the right spot as demand for electric vehicles continues to rise amid calls to lessen their carbon footprint. Moreover, this somewhat proves Volkswagen's previous claim that the ID.3 will be the company's third biggest step after the Beetle and the Golf.

“Before the IAA, we have already reached our target of 30,000 reservations for the ID.3 1st Edition. This success shows that the ID.3 is coming at precisely the right time. More and more people want to switch over to e-mobility,” said Jurgen Stackmann, Volkswagen Sales Board Member.

Volkswagen mentioned that most of the countries that already made reservations are: Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, as well as the United Kingdom. The base price of the new ID.3 will start at just below EUR 30,000 (about Php 1.72 million) in Germany while the 1st Edition will be priced at around EUR 40,000 (about Php 2.296 million).

In review, the ID.3 will serve as the first model in an entire family of fully-electric vehicles. It’ll be available in three distinct variants, each having a different battery pack. The smallest of the bunch is the 45 kWh version which provides about 330 km of maximum range. Meanwhile, the medium packs 58 kWh which translates to about 420 km of range. Finally, there’s the 77 kWh unit which allows it to travel up to 550 km before needing a recharge.

Still draped in camouflage, we have yet to fully see what the ID.3 looks like. But given its crossover / hybrid design, we reckon it will be quite a looker once those covers come off.