Volkswagen Group of America (VGA) has launched a special site, dedicated to the diesel defeat device issue hurled at VW and its vehicles.

The site features a message from VGA president, Michael Horn, to consumers, frequently asked questions and answers, official statements made over the past couple of weeks, as well as contact details for customers.

“Government regulations limit the use of engine software that reduces the effectiveness of a vehicle’s emissions control systems. Those are the “defeat device” regulations, and regrettably, VW violated those regulations,” the site said.

The company goes on to say that, “this is an emissions issue and your vehicle is safe to drive.”

Customers can check the site's list of vehicles (US models) affected by the issue.

VW also mentions that consumers are not liable for these violations and that it is cooperating with authorities to develop a remedy as quickly as possible. Those that wish to find out more can contact the hotlines and email addresses listed in the site.

There are still no concrete plans, timelines and strategies as to how these remedies will be carried out, however the VGA will update the site as more information becomes available.