Volkswagen's famous people carrier will return to PH market later this year

The Volkswagen Multivan Kombi will be making a comeback in the Philippines. The news of its arrival was confirmed by Volkswagen Philippines. Furthermore, it will be arriving in the country by Q3 2021.

But don't expect the upcoming Multivan to be the all-new T7 model that was recently revealed in Europe. The model that the Philippine market will be getting is the current-generation T6.1 which received a facelift back in 2020.

Volkswagen Multivan T6.1 confirmed for PH image

While it may no longer have a flat-nose design like its predecessor, certain elements from the original 'Kombi' do make an appearance on the T6.1 Multivan. These include the two-tone exterior paint, the large windows, the short overhangs on the front and rear wheels, and the relatively boxy shape.

The exact specifications of the Philippine-spec Volkswagen Multivan have yet to be revealed. However, it will likely have a 2.0-liter turbo-diesel inline-four under the hood. A 7-speed dual-clutch transmission is also the likely gearbox of choice for the people carrier.

A reliable source has shared that the PH release will be 'full option' versions that are made in Germany.

Volkswagen Multivan T6.1 confirmed for PH image

As for the interior, the Multivan has multiple seating arrangements, along with plenty of storage bins and cubby holes. Other features that will be available include a digital instrument panel, touchscreen infotainment with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as wireless charging.

Nicknamed the Microbus, Transporter, or simply the 'hippie van', the original Kombi gained popularity during the late '50s and peaked in popularity in the '70s. This resulted in a total sales number of 6,100 Volkswagens that were sold that year alone – cementing its legacy of being one of the most popular people carriers in the country.

Volkswagen Multivan T6.1 confirmed for PH image

It has ferried families, carried businesses, as well as served as a symbol of the "flower-power" era of the '60s and '70s. Its flat floor design meant it was easy for people to ingress or egress out of the van. More importantly, it allowed easier placement and removal of cargo.

Once the Volkswagen Multivan T6.1 arrives in the Philippines later this year, the people carrier will take on the likes of the Toyota Hiace Super Grandia and Hyundai Grand Starex (or Staria).