For several years now, different companies have tried to take on autonomous driving technology. One idea that came to mind is using autonomous tech for delivery drones. This, however, was not further developed and was left as a mere sketch before Starship Technology decided to continue developing it.

From the autonomous delivery drone of Starship Technology, Italian automobile designer, Mateo Gentile, decided to create Cifu with inspiration from Disney Pixar's Wall-E, and Mercedez Benz concepts.

A second look at the Starship Technology Cifu concept

“The inspiration behind it was those robots in Wall-E. Pixar style mixed with my knowledge in automotive design,” said Gentile.

The exterior of the concept model was based on this robot called Wall-E and further improved the concept with his knowledge in automotive design along with the previous Mercedes-Benz concepts.

For instance, the box-type design carrier was made suitable for any weather, safely delivering any small to medium size packages due to its exact location.

The Cifu with your order

Meanwhile, its wheels are positioned for a smoother ride of your package along with shock absorbers applied on to a real vehicle. Also, surrounding its body are several cameras and a LED light that provides as a signal to the customer that their package has finally arrived and is ready for pick-up.

As of now, there are no plans yet on releasing the Cifu in public roads. This, however, does not mean that Starship including other companies will stop on researching of how they are going to bring the autonomous delivery drones on roads for future use.